Live action with Mitch and Mooch!

One of the upsides to being in lockdown is that opportunities you never expected can come your way! I was delighted to be invited to talk about the story of Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming, how it all came about and what’s next by the well known Author, Bethany Stahl. The interview includes a demo of the awesome Swimfin, featured in the book, as well as some behind the scenes info on how the book was developed. Premiering in the UK at 3pm 10/4/20, 10am EST, you can head over to YouTube to watch it here – why not set yourself a reminder!

Yog-imming? Aqua-oga?

As an author, it is also interesting to see other people’s ‘take’ on your book; not in a million years could I have imagined that a Yoga Master would find a creative way to teach yoga as well as entertain with book readings, but the awesome Melissa Ross did! Catch the facebook live video here.

Need help nodding off?

I can let you into a little secret….bedtime stories on one of the most popular podcasts for children has chosen Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming to features as one of their stories! Specially adapted for audio only, your kids can listen to the story on Spotify with Lights out – Bedtime Stories for Boys and Girls shortly!

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Lockdown bundle of goodies!