Launch Party!

I promised you ‘fun stuff’ here, and what could be more fun than a party, complete with competition and prizes! So, come on down and meet the Author, get a signed copy of the book, enter our Snazziest Shark Impression competition (to be judged by the Inventor of Swimfin himself!) and much more on the 28th March 2020 1pm – 3pm (GMT) at Buxton Road Cafe.

The event is free, open to all but we do have limited spaces, so let us know you are coming via the Facebook event on the @Mitchandmooch page there please.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Feel free to share this if you know anyone who would be interested in coming!

‘Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming’ launches, and the Reviews are making waves!

Don’t just take my word for it – copies of Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming are flying off the shelves… well, into Checkout Baskets anyway!

The e-book is currently sitting in 8th place in one category, and made it onto the Hot New Releases pages!

Just some of the fantastic reviews – thank you readers!

Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before Amazon can collate the reviews from all over the world into one place when they link the e-book and paperback editions finally!

If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet – you can do so on Amazon now! Also available as an ebook or on Kindle Unlimited.

There’s still time to grab your FREE Swimming Tips and Games booklet also – including the 20% discount from SwimFin

Get ready to make a splash at Swimming!

One of the reasons I wrote Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming was that I had seen so many children turn up for their first swimming lesson and spend some of it sat by the side of the pool, or in tears clinging to parents. For some, they hadn’t equated swimming lessons with fun, getting silly (whilst being safe!) in the water and learning a new skill.

But as parents or carers, we can help prevent that by playing with our children so they can see how much fun the water can be! If you are stuck for some ideas – good news! I also wrote a FREE downloadable booklet – 10 Swimming Games and Tips – not all of which require water! Featuring dyslexia-friendly font and bright colours in a comic book style (just like the Mitch and Mooch Try series!), there is also an explanation of why these games will help prepare your child for swimming lessons.

Free Swimming Tips and Games Booklet

So, why not try something new today? I’ll even give you a discount code for a SwimFin of your very own (as featured in the Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming book!) so you can play sharks. This discount code is exclusive and kindly supplied by our friends at SwimFin. All you need to do is pop in your email address and I will send you the link to download!

Why am I asking for your email address to download? Just so that I can stay in touch with you and ask how you got on with the games, any feedback you have and also to keep you posted on Mitch and Mooch news.

You can, of course, opt-out whenever you like and I promise never to share your details with anyone. If you don’t want to leave your email address, that’s fine – drop me a line here and I’ll send you a copy over anyway without adding your details.

I’d love to hear your feedback and if you have any other games ideas you would like featured in the booklet, just drop me a line!