Educators / Parents

Mitch and Mooch try… books are designed for children aged 3-7. They aren’t just fun stories however, the series is designed with the following educational enhancements:

  • Dyslexic friendly font – designed to make it easier for children (even those pre-assessed) to differentiate the individual letters so that they can blend the words correctly. The font used is OpenDyslexie – give it a whirl!
  • Text is also against a coloured background and broken up into manageable chunks.
  • Comic style dialogue – why not have fun putting on silly voices for the characters?
  • Gentle introduction to what to expect from a first lesson in each activity – the books can also be used to support parents encouraging children with SEN needs who may be wary of new environments.
  • Inclusive – Mitch and Mooch may be monsters, but we celebrate diversity within the whole class!
  • Comprehension – some pages have a comprehension question contained within the illustration – these focus on feelings (e.g. what do you think the character is feeling right now, to help them read expressions) and questions about the story (to check they understand what is happening on a deeper level).
  • Search and find pages – finding a certain number of relevant objects within the page – to enhance the child’s comprehension of what is going on in the picture as well as counting skills.
  • Usage of common exception words within the text
  • Recently awarded 5* status by Readers Favourite

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Mitch and Mooch is published by So Simple Published Media. For more information about So Simple Published Media please see our facebook page or follow Mitch and Mooch on Facebook and Twitter