About the Author

Jan Foster

Jan is a mum of two, writer and business consultant. In her spare time, she works in her local school supporting children with reading. She is passionate about getting kids active and helping them to explore new activities. What particularly inspires her is when children read something and use what they have read about to be creative or try a new activity – read more here for her blog on inspiring creativity and critical thinking in children.

The Mitch and Mooch Try series is borne out of an observation that there are few books in the market which introduce sporting activities to children in a fun, storytelling way. She wanted to bring into the book elements which would also support children with SEN / dyslexic needs. As such, the books are all written in a dyslexic-friendly font, with dialogue in bubbles. The pages also feature comprehension questions for parents to support their children reading. Each Mitch and Mooch book includes fun activities like a ‘search and find’ page, an ‘equipment you need’ page, as well as introducing some ideas of what skills might be taught in a lesson for that activity featured in the story.

Mitch and Mooch books are ‘reader’ sized and perfect for reading and discussing with your child to introduce the activity, or as a tool to support independent reading with children aged 3-7.

School Visits – Based in the North West of England, Author Jan Foster has some limited availability to come and visit your school – in person (fully DBS checked) or virtually/online). Please get in touch to find out more!

Jan also writes historical fantasy novels (for grown ups!) – to find out more please visit her author website www.escapeintoatale.com