Rewarding Trying Something New…

My children love to have something to show for their efforts which isn’t always possible when it’s not ‘creating’ but an activity, or something sensory or emotional. Don’t worry – I have just the thing to help!

As I write, over half the world’s children aren’t able to attend school. Parents across the globe are challenged with motivating their small people, entertaining them 24/7, school work to be done with no classmates other than siblings, and attempting to keep boredom at bay. Whilst hopefully this is a chance for parents to bond with their children and try new things, sometimes, I know, this can be tricky! So I enlisted your two favourite monsters to assist…

Mitch and Mooch love to feel that trying something new, maybe even facing their fears, is rewarded. Here’s a lovely certificate you can download and print off to recognise the effort your children might be taking to try new things whilst at home! Why not tag a picture of your child with their certificate on Facebook or Tweet it to us? We’d love to see what new things you tried today!

Right click and Save As for this certificate as an image (png)

Don’t forget – we have a limited edition Lockdown Bundle on offer at the moment – which includes this certificate signed by the Author or Mitch and Mooch themselves if you prefer! Get your hands on a discounted copy of Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming, including a personal dedication, right here!

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